Acronym for SONY: Scared Of Not yield A return!


Will Says

Will Says



So it seems like Sony has had enough & now they’re now telling folks & the press to leave them alone and stop talking about the leak. They’re feeling a little pressured by the PR they’re getting. However, this cowboy humorist is wondered if this was a Marketing gimmick or does Sony truly believe that FREEDOM of speech is fine unless… it affects your bottom line.

I mean people normally act this way when they’re caught in the act, or they’re just embarrassed by how they react.  Hey Sony – have you heard the new acronym for SONY.

yield A return!

SONY, If you truly feel that you are being wronged, and you want to make a strong statement, then send us all an email with a FREE download of the Interview. We will pass it on to all our friends, and their friends and their friends. By the way; my email address is



Original Source Baret News


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