Get Ready For TrekinGear!


Get Ready For TrekinGear!

There are many places and sites out there regarding adventures, travel, hunting tops, green news, etcetera; but when it comes to focusing on the beauty, history and absolute fun of trekking through the Great Outdoors, there is only one company that provides all that and more!


With Road Trekin Adventure & Travel, adventurers not only receive information on the latest ‘hot spots’ or summertime locales Bison Calf  Yellowstone Park Backfor the family and friends to enjoy, but in-depth articles will offer news and information when it comes to unearthing and studying the culture, history and wonderment of every nook and cranny of the wilderness, parks, sights and more of the U.S. of A.


Parks and recreation areas dot the American landscape. Within each you will find a variety of lakes, rapids, buttes, mountains, forests, and the healthy habitats of some of the most mystical and elegant creatures known to man. With Road Trekin, everyone from the avid hiker to the expert skier to the hunter looking for spots to have a perfect season to a family that wants to learn and have an unforgettable time in the numerous scenic spots that Mother Nature provides – all of this information and more will be provided by RoadTrekin.


Articles will take you on an up close and personal exploration of the caves left behind in Mesa Verde National Park; others will talk about the journeys one can enjoy while visiting the wolves of Yellowstone. Adventurers and outdoorsmen and women will learn about the ‘green’ issues that today’s natural world faces, and how everything from Glacier National Park must be, can be, and is working to be saved from climate changes. And information will be provided regarding all the parks and recreation spots, even the sites protected by UNESCO and others in order to keep our culture around for generations to come.


Not only will these explorative adventures be front and center, with beautiful pictures and little known facts that will please one and all, but as the company grows larger, everything from clothing to accessories to helpful hints on hunting, camping, fishing and more, will be provided to the avid reader. From ECO-TOURS in St. Augustine, Florida to the wildlife of the Badlands, the crew of Road Trekin Adventure & Travel will bring you there!


And one of the most exciting and absolutely fun parts of TrekinGear comes in the various lines of apparel that the whole family will want to wear already ready for order.


The CIRCUS CITY U.S.A. t-shirt line brings the funniest pics you can imagine into your household. From the tale of the lonely mermaid siren to the ferocious lion standing high and mighty in center ring enjoying the accolades of the circus crowd, each print is a ‘must-have’ for the wardrobe of any adventurer (or simply anyone who loves a laugh!)


Unique lines of wilderness t-shirts applauding and spotlighting the creatures out there amongst us are also on tap. And speaking of Outhouse Stout 2-Chamber Pot Brewing-Spencer Simons-Original Designs-SSNB 2‘on tap’, even the Chamber Pot Brewing Company will have some fun additions, including your very own ‘Outhouse Stout’ t-shirt (a shirt that will soon replace the tie as Dad’s favorite Father’s Day gift!)


So stick around and keep your eyes open – or, if you are more the seafarer-type than the mountain climber – keep a weathered eye on the horizon – because with TrekinGear, not only will you find adventure, excitement and knowledge of some of the most amazing locations in this country, but you will also receive education, tips, news, and the perfect t-shirt and apparel to wear when communing with the Great Outdoors!


(The t-shirts will even help the hunter. After all, if the deer are laughing, they will be a whole lot easier to bag!)


Stay Tuned!


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