Tuning up for Hunting Season


Tuning Up For Hunting Season: Crosman Air Guns Offer Practical, Affordable Pre-Season



Sight in for Success

Whether it’s been just a few months or several years since you last hunted, it’s always a good idea to get some practice in before heading out; unfortunately, with our busy lifestyles — to say nothing of the price of standard ammunition — many of us are doing a lot less pre-season prep than we used to. And with more of us living in communities where firing off rounds in the back yard would raise more than a few eyebrows, it might seem like the only option for getting a little “trigger time” in before hunting season is a trip to the range — again, time and money.


Fortunately, according to Crosman’s Chip Hunnicutt, there’s another option: practicing with today’s modern, accurate, and high-power air guns.


“They’re accurate enough so you can get some real feedback,” said Hunnicutt, “And they’re inexpensive enough to shoot that you could do it every day. You don’t have to worry about trying to find ammunition for a ‘powder burner’ — or take out a loan to buy ammo when you find it,” he laughed.


Crosman’s advances in technology have transformed shooting air guns from what was once considered “kid’s stuff” to an excellent choice — even for hunters who still choose powder ammunition when they head out.


“You’re not going to be practicing at your 150- or 200-yard zeroes, of course,” said Hunnicutt, “but all the things that are

Practice shooting several times a month, to stay sharp

Practice shooting several times a month, to stay sharp

important for you to be able to hit those zeroes — your breathing, your trigger squeeze, that sort of thing — you can practice that with an air gun.”


A box of 500 pellets usually runs about the same price as 25 shells, said Hunnicutt, so you’re going to do a lot more shooting for your dollar. In addition, because of the quiet operation of Crosman’s air guns, you don’t have to drive to a range — or pay a range fee.


“The noise factor is huge,” said Hunnicutt. “A lot of folks are in suburban situations, and they don’t want to disturb their neighbors. With an air gun, if it’s raining, you can shoot in your basement if you wanted to.”


Hunnicutt said one of their products, the MAR177, is a great example of how Crosman customers are saving money while improving their skills. “It’s an air gun upper for a standard AR lower,” he said. “It’s a competition piece, but even non-competitive AR enthusiasts guys found out they can practice with their standard trigger in their basement or backyard using pellets and air — and they’re saving a lot of money.”


Great Family Fun

Great Family Fun

And with no gunpowder to clean, there’s very little time or cost for maintenance; you just put it away for the next time you shoot.


“There are some folks that may put off going for a day of shooting because they know they’ve got 30 minutes to an hour cleaning up their gun afterwards,” said Hunnicutt. “You not only have to plan for your shooting, you’ve got to plan for your cleanup time. With a Crosman air gun, that’s just not the case.”


For more information about Crosman air guns — including the MAR177, and the company’s new advanced Nitro Piston 2 break-barrel power plant and CBT clean-break triggers, visit crosman.com.


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