Stay Connected Wherever you Fish with the mazu Sport Fishing app


Stay Connected Wherever you Fish with the mazu Sport Fishing app

By Craig Lamb

Part of the beauty of being an offshore angler is the chance to get away from email and phone calls and to focus on fishing. After all, big game fishing should be about being free of worldly distractions, facing the challenge of battling a trophy pelagic. Hemingway wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Sounds great, just you, the boat, the fish, and the sea, but is that realistic? Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you realize that you left your phone on the dresser and are miles away? It’s like that dream where you suddenly realize you forgot to put your clothes on, being disconnected makes you feel uncomfortable, almost naked. You may not actually need to send that text, but it sure is reassuring to know you can.

Today staying connected is a necessity for most people even while on the boat. You are offshore fishing and suddenly remember that it is your turn to pick up your son from basketball practice. Business deals open and close in cyberspace at a moment’s notice and no one wants to miss an opportunity. There are also times when only you can put out that proverbial fire. Better to deal with it now than get back ashore to find an office or family situation spinning out of control.

All is not lost even if venturing offshore is your escape from the everyday rat race. You can stay connected, on your own terms with the m2500 system and app from mazu-Marine. It is a text and data service so you won’t be interrupted by phones ringing as you are reeling in your catch. The Sport Fishing app is the ideal solution for fishermen as it is an easy and affordable way to stay connected when your fishing takes you beyond WiFi and cellular service.

Traditional satellite communication systems require expensive hardware and complicated installation of large domes. Satellite phones have costly service subscriptions just to make a phone call and can’t provide other basic services like the weather. Now, there is an affordable way to stay connected wherever you go using your own cellphone, tablet or any other device with a browser.

The easy to install mSeries hardware creates a Wi-Fi hot spot aboard your boat that connects you to satellites using the Iridium network. Simply launch a browser from any device on board and connect to the system for access to functions like Email, SMS Texting, and weather.

For more advanced functions and to use mazu when away from the boat download the iPad app. The iPad app provides additional functionality, is easy to use, and can connect to WiFi or cellular anywhere it is available, or connect to the system for satellite access while on board. Aside from all the great features, you get with the iPad app the ability to connect on shore saves you money since you don’t have to use your Connection plan airtime until you are away from shoreside service.

The iPad app allows you to send and receive email and text messages, provides navigation, weather and fishing features designed for blue water cruisers from anywhere in the world.

mazu offers many features and benefits unavailable with a satellite phone. Weather is subject to change without much notice on offshore fishing trips. With the Sport Fishing app, you can access current and seven-day advanced forecasts that provide wind and wave heights during your voyage. You can subscribe to and receive NOAA weather alerts, and download and view graphic imagery through NEXRAD. You can also access live buoy data and study tropical weather advisories and updates. These weather features are valuable on long-range offshore trips or when simply running out to a fishing area beyond cellular coverage.

Practical navigation features are available at your fingertips. Use on-screen tracking with NOAA nautical charts. Plot and edit routes, modify waypoints and activate waypoint alarms all in one, and view it all in real time on the dashboard. NMEA data from other onboard systems can also be shown.

Two-way communication, weather, and navigation are practical uses of the app. The Sport Fishing app has advanced fishing features that can put you on the fish faster.

Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll imagery help find tournament-winning, client-pleasing, connections with billfish and other pelagic big game fish.

The SST and Chlorophyll maps remove guesswork by eliminating vast, unproductive areas so you can fish in warmer waters preferred by billfish and tuna. Conversely, you can find the lowest temperature that holds offshore gamefish for late season trips. Temperature breaks are easy to find, and satellite data is updated twice daily.

Finding phytoplankton blooms helps hone in on areas with a stacked food chain attractive to bait and billfish. The Chlorophyll feature allows you to find all. You can quickly overlay chlorophyll charts and easily see water clarity to find the best areas, while eliminating unproductive water.

Get started by downloading the Mazu Sport Fishing iPad app from the Apple App Store. ($129) Convenient connection plans like the $99 monthly plan include 10-point forecasts, up to 100 SMS/mazuChat messages, 100 position reports, SAR service and 50,000 additional bytes of data.

The onboard hardware includes the ISI-2000 module, illuminated keypad and Smart Antenna. Cost is $995 and includes all the equipment you need to set up your Mazu satellite system.  Designed for easy do-it-yourself installation, mazu is great for all types of boats.

Mazu and the mSeries system also provides emergency response. Triggering an SOS sends an emergency signal with your vessels name and current position to dispatchers. They can follow up with you via text to determine the nature of the emergency and dispatch SAR response as needed. This service is available globally 24/7 365 days a year.

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